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All orders – whether by telephone, fax or online booking (Internet, W@P, SMS, etc.) are binding and can not be cancelled or changed. For orders by internet the following steps ( shown as Step 1 – 5 ) must be followed: Step 1- selection of event and tickets per ticket category. Step 2 – selection of delivery respectively pick up method . Step 3 – selection of method of payment and entry of personal data. Step 4 – summary of all data, last control, agreement to the general terms and conditions, transmittal of order. Step 5 – confirmation of order by oeticket.

Tickets that have been bought for delivery or pick up can be paid by oeticket customer card, credit card, advance payment, debit transfer or COD. On the internet and other online booking possibilities as well as the different oeticket partners other methods of payment are available. Each ticket is only valid after complete payment. The credit card payment is being handled by the sister company Eventim Nederland B.V., postbus 69507, 1060 CN Amsterdam / Nederland.

Delivery, Handling
oeticket accepts no liability for tickets that are lost in the mail. In addition, it is brought to your attention that oeticket accepts no liability for the correct delivery by third parties i.e. the post office or any delivery services. Claims for damages that result from non-delivery can therefore not be accepted by oeticket. Please use extreme care when using mobile tickets to avoid the loss of data. In case of loss of a mobile ticket ( deletion or loss of mobile phone ) please contact you mobile phone service provider. In the case of loss of any other access authorisation no replacement can be made. Access authorisations should not be misused, copied or changed. Mobile tickets (access authorisations that are on a mobile phone or PDA) must not be copied or forwarded. The principle of admission is first come ( the mobile ticket that is first accepted after positive identification is valid ). Following tickets with the same identification are automatically invalidated by the first. With the use of the access authorisation the user accepts the general terms and conditions of the promoter and the rules of the house of the location.

Cancellations, changes, refunds
oeticket is only a ticket broker and is not liable for the refunding of admission prices but will make every effort to prompt the promoters to do so. In the case of a cancellation of an event ticket(s) can be returned for refund up to two months after the planned date of the event to the place of purchase (either to the outlet where they were purchased or in the case of an order placed by telephone, fax or online booking by returning the original ticket(s) by registered mail to CTS Eventim Austria, Heumühlgasse 11, A 1040 Vienna with name and account number, bank and bank code for the re-transfer), as long as the general terms and conditions of the promoter or location do not prohibit this. The return of tickets at the outlets can only be accepted on the next but one Monday after the date of the announcement of the cancellation of the event. Owners of mobile tickets will be refunded the amount paid without any further claim using the same method used for payment. The mobile ticket is then invalidated. The right is reserved to make minor or necessary changes to the cast or programme. In the case of a cancellation, postponement or changes to the cast or the programme no expenses incurred (e.g. transport, hotel, advance sales fee or delivery charges) will be refunded. In the case of a cancellation, postponement or any other form of change of an event oeticket reserves the right to inform those customers who have bought tickets for this event of these changes. This information is a service and can take place by mail and/or electronically by e-mail or sms.

Data protection
The customer agrees that the data provided by him electronically can be electronically processed by oeticket to execute the contract. He also agrees that the data can be forwarded within the legal designations and limits of the Data Protection law 2000 to partner companies (parent or subsidiaries) of oeticket as well as to the respective promoter. The customer is informed that this agreement can be revoked at any time.

Scope, place of jurisdiction, applicable law
The same general terms and conditions are valid for the partner companies oeticket Südost (Wr. Neustadt), ÖTS (Deutschlandsberg), Ticket Nord (Linz) and ARGE Ö Ticket West - 5 Star Promotions - Alfred Schmid (Innsbruck) as well as for the licence holders of oeticket-Verkaufs-Software for sales using the oeticket-System. The place of jurisdiction for company customers is the competent court in Vienna and for private customers their locally competent court. Austrian law will be applicable excluding collision of norms.


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